Movie Review: The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

– By Samaravel I (Review Team)

It isn’t an easy task to convert a 300+ page novel into 3 films of 150+ minutes duration each while taking into account of every little detail that proves crucial to the entire fantasy.

Desolation Of Smaug begins with Bilbo,the Dwarves and Gandalf continuing on their quest to find the Dragon(Smaug). While being chased by the Orcs & captured by the Elves, they finally retake the Arkenstone from it.

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Spark Your Mind This Winter

– By Yogesh Chellappa and Deborah Digges (Tech Team)

There are myriad educational workshops and fests for anyone who pursues engineering with a real passion. Here are a few:

1. Shaastra – IIT Madras TechFest

With its vision “Breaking Boundaries”, IIT Madras seems resolved to make this technical fest a grand success. With myriad events including aerobotics, design, coding, quizzes and not to mention workshops and conferences, it would be a real shame to miss it! To top it all off, the Lunar Rover Challenge gives participants a shot at sending their own rover to the moon and writing their names in the pages of history!

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Sneak Peek: Aatmatrisha ’14

As most of us head off to hibernate for the winter, there are a bunch of PESITians who are feverishly working away. The reason – to bring Aatmatrisha ’14 to life! We have with us the brains behind AT ’14, event manager Shikhar Sanstuti (CSE) and cultural secretaries Poorna Suresh (EEE) and Maitreyee Sharma (Mech) to give us a slice of the action. 

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Impact of the Influx of Foreign Players in the BPL

The Barclays Premier League as we all know is the most widely followed football league across the world. It is famous for its competitive and exciting football played by the 20 different teams that take part in it every year. Over the last decade or two the quality of football in the league has no doubt improved but also made it stand out amongst other top leagues for its nail-biting finishes. The premier league enjoys worldwide popularity from viewers of all age groups, thus making it the one of the best football league in the world.

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In Perspective: Go Ahead, Read It!

– By Noel Godwin Saldanha (Formals Team)

What would you do,

When you have got a book in front of you?

It’s completely blank, and the pages are few!


Oh look! There’s a pen in your hand

Hey there! I see how excited you stand.


Me? I would fill it with words unheard,

With things I haven’t done and things I want to do!

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