Tech Tips: Save Time Online

– By Namratha K (Tech Team)

We all spend large amounts of time on our gadgets, be it laptops or cell phones. And the time spent by an average adult in using technology is increasing by the year. Using a few simple tips and tricks, you can save a few minutes, which in the long run, can definitely make your work efficient. Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V. These two shortcuts have probably saved us (especially students) hundreds of hours in our lifetime. Don’t you agree?

Tech columnist David Pogue, in his TED talk shares 10 simple, clever tips for web, smartphone and computer users. Yes, you may know a few of these, but there’s probably at least one you don’t know about already. This is because, no one teaches us how to use them and there’s no prescribed syllabus. We learn how to use them intuitively.

Read on.

We encounter many registration forms and sign up pages online. Use the Tab key along with the shift key to move between fields. We also come across fields with pop up menus. To fill these fields, type the initial letter of the data continuously until the required text appears. For example, hit the letter ‘i’ twice for ‘India’ to appear to enter the country name as India. Also, we all read a lot of articles on the web. To scroll up or down, instead of moving the scroll bar using the mouse pointer, use the up and down arrow keys to scroll up or down. Another alternative is to hit the space bar which scrolls down by one page. In order to scroll up, use Shift+Space. To increase or decrease the font size, press Ctrl and + or Ctrl and – respectively. On the Mac, it would be command instead of Ctrl.

Google gives us information about anything and everything we need. But are we really efficient in using it? Next time you want to do a Google search, use the +,- and “ ” symbols to refine your search. Suppose you want information about green apples. Typing apples into the search box gives you 22 million returns. Try apples+green-computer. This would refine  the search to more specific green apples and eliminate all the results with the word computer, thus reducing the number of results to 1 million. Also, using quotes ensures that the words between them are spelled exactly the same way and in the order you spelled out.

While using Google, to get the meaning of the word, just type ‘define’ followed by the word and you dont even have to press Enter. The meaning appears on your screen. This also works for flight tracking where you type the name of the flight and you can immediately see the departure, arrival details and also where the flight is. It also works perfectly for unit and currency conversion.


Try these tricks, figure out a few more and save some precious time for yourselves!


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