A comprehensive PESITians Guide for the Winter Break

– By Neha Raje (Head, Review Team), Dyuthi B. (Head, Informals Team), Aishani Patnaik (Informals Team)

Tests and exams can turn the most amiable people into snappy, unapproachable creatures. We bring to you places to unwind and relax, especially if you want to get away from the surfeit of academia.

What is your cup of tea?

For those of you adrenaline junkies, you might want to try white water rafting, out at Dandeli. Dandeli is located about 125 km from Goa, so the journey itself would make for a great road trip. Once there, you can choose from various levels of difficulties of rapids on the River Kali. If you’re worried about the fact that you’ve never been on a boat, let alone a raft on a river, there are training sessions available for a nominal fee. At about 1300 rupees per head, we’d say this visit is definitely worth the cost, if only once. The resort is open year round and December seems like a perfect month to visit.

Rafting at Dandeli

On the other hand, not everyone wants to burn out on adrenaline as soon as they’re done with exams. Another option to get out there and be one with nature is by going trekking! An unbelievable number of adequate trekking spots exist in Karnataka, but here’s one that really stands out, mainly because it involves a goodly amount of rock climbing; rapelling hooks, harnesses and all. Located off Kanakapura Road near Bangalore, Somanahalli is one place where you encounter clusters of hills full of boulders. Somanahalli is an arid countryside set in serenity, surrounded by boulders and rocks good enough for beginners and experienced climbers.


Looking for something more tame? There are plenty of places to visit in the state if you want to have a look-see at national parks, zoos, beaches, scenic destinations, the whole touristy package.

Banerghatta National Park is located about an hour away from Bangalore, and boasts a zoo as well as a reservation for wildlife (think wildlife safari!). 

Also near Bangalore are the famed Nandi Hills, a wonderful road trip destination, if you’re planning on kicking back and taking it easy.

On the way to Mysore, near Coorg, you can visit Nagarhole National Park, which is host to a very diverse variety of flora and fauna. The park has rich forest cover, small streams, hills, valleys and waterfalls.

Or you can visit Gokarna in the Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka, which is actually a quaint temple town. Many beaches are scattered in the vicinity of the town, attracting travellers from all over the country.

Getoff Your Ass is a travel company that offers you excellent adventure and travel trips all over Karnataka, and recently has been offering trips across the country. It offers adventure sports like kayaking, rapelling, mountaineering and rents outdoor gear as well. Located very close to PESIT (Girinagar, 2nd Phase), it offers day trips as well as weekend trips. 

But perhaps traveling isn’t your forte. If you’re living in Bangalore, you’re fortunate because there’s plenty to do within the perimeters of the city.

Go Artsy! Catch a play at Ranga Shankara at JP Nagar, which goes by the philosophy of A Play a Day- which means they always have a play on- they present more than 300 performances a year in several Indian and international languages. Browse through the galleries of National Gallery of Modern Art, watch movies in their 160 seater auditorium or take a walk and enjoy the beautiful premises.

This semester break, do something you’ve NEVER done before. Wake up early in the morning and haul yourself to Richards Park. Go for a refreshing session of yoga under the canopies of trees with Yoga in the Park, by yoga instructor Suzanna Kurian. It guarantees a never-before yoga experience. Quoting their website –“The experience of doing it outside with a canopy of leaves over your head and the earth below you truly connects you to the elements. “  Contact details : 91 98 86 039241

Rated the NO.1 tourist attraction in Bangalore by tripadvisor.com, Flight 4 Fantasy offers you THE authentic cockpit experience. The Boeing 737 cockpit is complete with realistic controls, high definition controls and allows you to land on any of the 20,000 airports around the world. Priced at Rs. 1200, it is located at the immensely popular Forum Mall in Koramangala and allows you to book on their website. Contact Details : 08022067977

Flight 4 Fantasy: A Cockpit View

Or, you know, you could plan some family time!

Yep, seriously. Amidst all the assignments, band practices, celebrations, what have you, you’ve forgotten to give your family some time. Plan a picnic, catch a movie together or just sit down with a hot cup of coffee and just chat. It’s the least you can do for all the support, love and help they give you every day.

Take walksAh! The breeze! You may not get a view like this even in the suburbs, foggy sunrise, ducks quacking and benches that say “Obscene behaviour is punishable by Law”. If you are lucky, you may get a chance to see some herons too!

The best time to visit is dawn perhaps, or if you’re not quite the early riser, the evenings are equally great. Even though it might not be all natural, that does not stop it from having a universal appeal.

The picturesque garden surrounding the tank soothes senses and brings peace to the distraught mind. So, are we on the same page here? Before you go places and your mind wanders off into the woods, let me tell you what I am talking about.

Namma Bengaluru’s Sankey Tank!

Sankey Tank

Located in the heart of the city, is also the place to go for a photo walk. Go for a jog one of the mornings and you might just find our own photo enthusiasts – PIXELS capturing the serenity whilst taking a stroll. 

Being adjacent to Malleswaram, you could also eat to your heart’s content in one of the amazing places to be found here. It is a place perfect for foodies, where you can find restaurants which would not burn a hole in your pocket but will tantalize your taste buds.

One of which does require special mention – Pizza Stop. It does not guarantee you an authentic cuisine, but taste, yes, definitely! One place to not miss if you like Italian. But be sure to keep your eyes open since this one’s easy to miss. Fast, and a no-frills place, Pizza Stop is where you need to stop at, to be served fresh food one to be explored and frequented more!

You might be a nature lover, a photography enthusiast or a connoisseur of food, Malleshwaram is perfect to hangout and has something for everyone! And Sankey Tank, definitely worth a visit, is a perfect picnic spot to unwind after a hectic semester!

Reread old classics. Nothing like an old, favourite book to heal your after exam PTSD, as it engulfs you in its fragrant pages.

Write poetryNo, seriously. Take it up. Try it out. You never know what your subconscious keeps from you; penning your thoughts down abstractly reveals to you things you didn’t even realize you knew.

Challenge yourself to learn something newIt doesn’t have to be a new programming language or anything even remotely related to college. Learn a new art; pottery for example. MG Road Boulevard happens to offer chances at the pottery wheel, for a nominal fee. Keep your mind fresh by teaching yourself to appreciate new ideas and ways to do things!

Another way to challenge yourself is to teach to others what you know. Volunteer at Cloud Mentor to share your interests with children willing to take in everything you have to offer. Check out their website for details.

Start bloggingRight up there with poetry! Creative writing can do wonders for your communication skills.

It’s a big world out there, and you’re only limited by your own, custom made constraints. Shake them loose and live it up!


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