Desiness is… CHUMBAK!

– By Yazhini Baskaran (Review Team)

Kitsch paradise!

CHUMBAK – A new range of stores celebrating the Indian spirit, with a funkiness and an irresistible freshness! The tiny stall stands modestly, tucked into a corridor of The Forum, Koramangala. You wouldn’t notice it unless you were wandering around on the lookout for something different. Oh but once you see this place, its eye-popping!

It’s a bright store, yellow undertones, as if by a happy stroke of luck they painted the store to emit that cheer into the world. The first thing that hits you about this little place, is the insanity, and the overwhelming character of Desiness! They have categories of intensely Indian styled novelties. Phone cases with the Mucchis of India figures, sunglass cases with owls and matching microfibre cloth, and a hilarious obsession with autos. They have auto prints on notebooks, magnets, keychains, tote bags and even boxers! Laptop sleeves with kabootars, coffee mugs with Indian city scenes, mithai tins, shower caps, bracelets and charms, pencil pouches, playing cards and travel pillows, all with crazy Indian symbolisms! For the truly special collectors, they have the most insanely awesome bobbleheads 😀 the characters being Bobby, Auto Raja, Takita Tara and the coolest guy ever, Yoyo Mani!

The core team for this ingenious startup is a group of 7 individuals, based out of Bangalore, madly in love with India, who started out collecting fridge magnets as souvenirs and now own this exquisite store of novelty Indian items.

Check out their store online at .

Also take a look at their design culture on their picture blog,

With owls, dhaaru bottle prints, chaatwalas and mehendi patterns as themes, they’re a colourful change!! Move over melodramatic media, conservative society and western culture aping; make room for the quintessential 2013 Indian student. We’re proud of the desi things, but not in the overbearing swadeshi-crazed theatrical way. With Chumbak, we’re flaunting our love for India, in the suave yet goofy way that’s beginning to define our generation. So this vacation, revamp your gadgetry, replace that stale, ancient artefact of a pencil pouch and glasses case you own, get something so funky your own eyes pop 😀


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