In Perspective: Go Ahead, Read It!

– By Noel Godwin Saldanha (Formals Team)

What would you do,

When you have got a book in front of you?

It’s completely blank, and the pages are few!


Oh look! There’s a pen in your hand

Hey there! I see how excited you stand.


Me? I would fill it with words unheard,

With things I haven’t done and things I want to do!

What about you?


Be careful about what you write

The ink you are using does not wash away.

But don’t be afraid and never stop

The clocks just ticking night and day…


Don’t worry about those mistakes as you write,

Worry just takes you out of sight;

If you’ve been wrong, just let it be

Shout aloud “You haven’t seen the best of me!”


At the end of the day, when you close your eyes

Be content. Be proud of what you’ve done;

For you will truly rise, with the setting sun…


Make your little book of life inspiring enough

And when the next generation is eager to see this book;

You know what it’s worth! So don’t you shy away

You have got to proudly say



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