Movie Review: Gravity

– By Medhaa Shankar (Review Team)

Gravity does not belong to the mainstream Sci-Fi thrillers with big budgets, but is a well-crafted, complete story and creates an immense experience for the audience.

It begins with Dr. Ryan Stone (played by the fine, fine actor Sandra Bullock.), who is in Space on her first mission, evidently nervous and displaying her typical no-nonsense, controlling behaviour. Matt Kowalsky (played by George Clooney, the best choice.) , the full of light-hearted humour and the veteran of the crew. Things take a turn towards the dark side when debris from a Russian Satellite collides with their Satellite. Stone and Kowalsky are estranged from their crew. It is then that the viewers get the magnitude of vastness of Space. Beautifully cinematographed, the insignificance of a person in the eerie and spine-chillng Space dawns upon us. With a bare minimum oxygen to survive on, Kowalsky and Stone manage thier way back to their Satellite, with Kowalsky keeping Stone’s morale up throughout, only to find their crew mutilated and dead, and their Satellite destroyed beyond hope. They being to make their way to the ISS, their only hope to return to Earth. The story beings to introspect the characters now. In a bid to keep Ryan engaged, Matt starts inquiring about her personal life. The reserved Doctor talks about the death of her four year-old daughter which made her immerse herself in her work, never pausing to look back. Matt being the happy-go-lucky person he is, cheers her up, somehow managing to light up the most lonely and human devoid stillness of Space. At one point, Matt has to be let go, which came across as a tad unnecessary, critically speaking. However, Matt accepts this gracefully which is actually consistent with his practical nature and his rationale behavior. Stone realises how much she needs him and tries her best to bring him back, to the point of her hallucinating about his presence, which, again, seemed a little far-fetched. But it brings out the closeness they shared by bonding in just a few hours, in a very intense way.

The technical expertise is mind-blowing. the camera zooms in and out at every possible angle, capturing every part of the Satellite’s interior. The pictures are highly detailed and precise and the sound-effects makes it all the more authentic and awe-inspiring.

Sandra Bullock deserves every accolade she gets for this masterpiece. In what seems to be a very monotonous role, she has perfected her subtle expressions, fine-tuned her strong and independent role. Clooney has managed to win hearts in the very little screen-time he has, even with his face covered with the head-gear, with his charisma.

Gravity depicts how a movie about Space can be personalised. It sets the bar so high. The human touch it possesses makes it appealing to all kinds of viewers. I love how the cinematography portrays Space, enthralling each of us who has ever wondered what lies up there. It clings to the mysteries of Space, suspending the audience and teaching the Art of survival in the most extreme conditions. The movie being female-centric makes it all the more survival-inspiring. It ends with Sandra Bullock standing up on her feet on Earth, showing the strength and courage all of us need to possess.

A great movie to catch up with, in case you missed it!


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