Movie Review: Prisoners

– By Pulkit Chandra (Review Team)

How far would you go for your family? What would you do when you have no faith left in authorities looking for your lost daughter or perhaps kidnapped? Hollywood and Bollywood love the idea of revenge being portrayed as superhuman skills born out of vengeance (putting the Kryptonian Superman to shame). And then there is this movie about vengeance – giving the procedural movie plots a hard time.

Intense and subtle at the same time it portrays the vulnerabilities of human emotions and ethics. The first half is the normal stuff and quite predictable. I must say the first half as a whole is unclenching as a plot, but the portrayal – Hugh Jackman has never been seen so emotionally exposed on screen. And Jake Gyllenhall will make you smile at the simple details he has incorporated in his role (I would like you to notice how he blinks his eyes). Paul Dano contradicts your thoughts all the way along.

But the second half gives you goose bumps – a real thriller. There is graphic violence, but you will be left with a ‘memorable sear not to be soon forgotten.’ The movie makes ones thoughts sway over support for the characters and it is not until the climax that you realize who you had been supporting throughout. There is complete justice done to every character, everyone has a dark side and hearing about “waging a war on God” will leave you fighting your own notions.

Avoiding spoilers; there is the cinematography that needs applause. It really captures the audience in the depiction of the cold, rainy, gloomy and hopelessness of the weather and the situation. It is an uncomfortable, dark and a tense watch to give you those chills.


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