Profs, We Know What You’re Doing This Winter!

Éclat had a chance to catch up with a few professors from the college, and here’s what they had to say about the jamboree that is the Christmas break.

When asked how he wants to spend his holiday, Prof. N.S. Kumar, from the Department of Computer Science, was an overflowing well of plans. “Reading is my passion”, he says. Reading is an everyday habit of his, he says, and sees no culmination. Liking easy reads after a hard day of work, Perry Mason novels are among his favourites, having re read them many a time. An ardent fan of Kannada literature, he hopes to find time to fit in some of the classic, harder reads – Kuvempu, to name one. “I have over two thousand books in my personal library! I need to clean up!” he jokes. Ashtavadhanam-a literary performance popular since the time of ancient India- involving partial improvisation of poems and demanding excellent memory and prosody, is a program Sir won’t miss out on. He also loves travelling and is ever ready to pack his bags and make a dash out of the city. Having seen most places in South India, he hopes to plan a trip to Kenya in the near future! Leisure aside, Sir also plans to take a two-day course on UNIX on campus. Quite a fulfilling holiday, we must say.

Another professor with a passion for reading is Prof. Anirban Chakraborty, from the Department of Science and Humanities. When asked about his plans for the upcoming holidays he says he does not have any plans of going out this winter. He would rather stay at home and read books. He also says he would like to devote some time listening and trying to learn some music, since it gives peace to his mind. As he is interested in reading Indian as well as World history he is going to devote a considerable amount of time for it during these vacations.

He recommends students to try out new and different things in the holidays; things that make us step out of our comfort zone, or any activity that we always wanted to do but somehow haven’t been able to. He also advises to do some extra physical activities like jogging or playing during holidays as we are unable to do so during the college days owing to the hectic schedule. It will help us overcome the fear that we have when it comes to commencing any new topic in our course work and other encounters henceforth. Holidays are a vital part of student life and they should be utilised and enjoyed to the fullest.

He wishes the students a very happening and congenial vacation.

Prof. Chidambara.K, CSE, while not having too much planned, states wryly that semester-end paper evaluation will consume his holiday whole. “Look at my calendar; it’s full! Where are the blank days for leisure?” he states. Music being his passion, in addition to his love for teaching, he hopes to squeeze in a ‘Sugama Sangeetha’ event, which is a monthly affair and a special interest of his. Despite the lack of time and strenuous schedule, with the perennial smile on his face and ever present positivity, he has resolved to taking some time out to pursue music and enjoy the break.

Dr. Balasubramanyam says ”We as teachers don’t get vacations. I intend to correct your answer scripts. As a matter of fact I haven’t really thought of what I plan to do. The workload on teachers,especially during the vacations seems to be massive. The teaching job is often misunderstood. People often consider a teachers job to be very relaxing and with the most number of holidays. However that’s not the case. We as professors hardly get any time off. During your vacations we are busy evaluating answer scripts and moreover we have deadlines to meet. Correcting 500 to 600 booklets in 10 days isn’t easy. Moreover we also need to prepare for the semester to come. Preparing for a course that you would take in the next semester requires a lot of effort and time.”

Evaluation’ seems to be on the mind of most our professors! When asked about his vacation plans, Prof. Mukesh Patil, Mechanical department, replied, “I need to evaluate your answer booklets. Moreover we don’t have holidays as such. I will try and spend time with my family.” We would love it if they too enjoy their vacations. One suggestion would be correcting our answer scripts in a jiffy, neglecting all our mistakes 😛 and enjoy the new year as well. On a more serious note, we must truly commend our selfless teachers, who sacrifice their vacations to evaluate our answer scripts and prepare for the courses we undertake so we grow to be professional and ethically sound engineers.

One of the few teachers who did not complain about the usual “evaluation pressure” was Prof. Geetha Shankar from S and H department. She has set up a deadline for herself and has pledged to work hard and complete evaluating hundreds of blue books by 21st of December; only to work harder in the rest of her holidays.

Come 22nd December, she is off to VIT Chennai in order to resume her research work on “Behavior Of Univalent Functions”  under her guide. Shocking as it seems, yes, she too has a guide. For an experienced and exemplary professor like her, this venture would seem to some a tad unnecessary. Why is she doing it then? “Knowledge is a continuous process”, she says and sheer passion is the only reason she does what she does.  For those who take the “Eat, Drink, Sleep” motto too seriously during the holidays, it’s time to do something slightly different. Follow your passion!

Another teacher engrossed in research work is Prof. Prasanna Kumar, Department of Electrical Engineering. In the winter holidays, Prasanna Sir is going to devote his time to do his own research and projects. He is going to prepare a paper presentation related to technology as his work has been approved by Canada University. He will be doing more research in his arena of interest. His engrossment lies in a scheme of inventing a solar energy device used for amplifying a small amount of energy to generate power of at least about 250 Watts which in turn can be used by everyone in their day to day lives. This device is eco friendly and will help in saving hydro-electricity. He has a very busy schedule for the coming holidays since he is planning to attend the AEC workshop also in addition to the above plans and evaluating the end semester papers as well. He advises students to enjoy their holidays and take leisure as much as possible so that we come afresh for the new semester.

Certainly an interesting perspective!


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