Rekindle the Gamer in You

– By Sushanth R. S. (Head, Sports Team)

The hectic semester often makes you lose track of your hobbies. Here, we try to help you catch up with football, new video game releases and suchlike, that you’ve missed over the course of the semester.

For all football enthusiasts it is a period of bliss, as the January transfer window reopens. From keeping tabs on which mega bucks club is going to cash in on a marquee signing to keeping track of the transfer status of your favourite club, one can spend endless hours on the internet reading upon the most baseless rumours to the done deals. Besides this, there is always the weekly action from the English Premier League and the Spanish La Liga where clubs will seek to establish a stronghold on the league tables with their weekly clashes and encounters. Also, one can also witness the fierce rivalry between the British and the Aussies resurface as they battle it out to retain their dominance on the Ashes which begins in the month of November with the ODI series commencing from around the time our vacations begin.


For those who prefer spending time in front on the PC, there is a lot in store for you as well. EA Sports has only recently released its latest edition in the FIFA franchisee, FIFA 14. With their new “Ignite” player engine, you are sure to be amazed at how close gaming can be to reality today. With the latest updated squads and a completely revamped UI compared to their previous versions, this title is sure to keep you entertained for long. Codemasters have also released their latest game F1 2013, for those who enjoy the adrenaline rush associated with the racing genre. Surreal graphics with a near perfect representation of vehicle dynamics, one can take the shoes of their favourite driver with the quest of earning the mantle of the next world champion. This edition also has an added feature of getting a taste of the past with their F1 Classics mode – a sure winner among racing fanatics. Banking on the blockbuster success of their previous versions such as Angry Birds Seasons, Angry Birds Rio, Angry Birds Star Wars to name a few, its creators Rovio Entertainment will have their latest release Angry Birds Go available for both Android and iOS users to enjoy by the end of December. A title worth looking out for!

For those who do not want such intense games to burn through their processors, revisiting old classics would be a great pastime. These games though not a visual spectacle, but are sure to keep you glued to your PC screens for long. Wolfenstein 3D, a first of its kind FPS (First person shooter) is a timeless classic where you embark your journey in search of gold in castle filled with sinister and devious enemies. From a select variety of guns, one to one knife battles and mazes to navigate through, this one is bound to keep you entertained. For a taste of strategy and espionage one can indulge in Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines developed by Eidos Interactive. Set behind the backdrop of the Second World War, the storyline follows the escapades of a fictional British Commando section. Filled with interesting campaigns and stealth modes to get your way around, it is contiguous on the lines of modern games like Splinter Cell and Hitman.

Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines

With so many interesting activities lined up for these fifteen days, you are sure not to get that nagging feeling of wasting your day. In fact, pursuing these will make your holidays fly past you at a breakneck pace, making you only yearn for them more.


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