Music Review: Marshall Mathers LP 2

– By Pulkit Chandra (Review Team)

Eminem is back – a sequel to his critically acclaimed and popularly loved album – ‘The Marshall Mathers LP’.  And it really fits the idea of a coveted classic collection by fans who might be hearing him for the last time in an album. With his story telling abilities and the general rhyme scheme he has mastered he really connects with the audience he has already hypnotized. But for new listeners it might come as a little shock. There is no denying the fact by anyone that this album ‘MMLP2’ has some of the fastest and rhythmically intended best verses. The word play is dazzling and the flow diabolically smooth.

Album Cover

Producing by the giants of Dr.Dre and Rick Rubin is audible in the beats. There are tracks that sample old school raps from the ‘Beastie Boys’, ‘Monster’ that fuses R&B and hip hop and an overall fusion with pop with Eminem rapping “It’s not hip hop, it’s pop, cause I found a hella way to fuse it.”

“His flow only truly ignites through anger and reproach, and there are moments when his verbal dexterity amazes,” say The Independent newspaper reviewers.

Bad Guy is a sequel to Stan where Stan’s younger brother wants “Eminem killed by M&M/ Matthew Mitchell / I even have your initials.”  Rhyme or Reason  has Eminem rapping over a sample of The Zombies, about the neglectful ways of his father, and how he might not be so angry if he stuck around. Headlights is an emotional track- a first serious apology to his mother (where he is regretful about Cleaning out my Closet). It features Nate Ruess of Fun – a surprising combination which is beautifully executed. So Much Better is about Kim and it strikes a few strings of the heart as he goes beyond smacking her through words to telling her quietly how wrong she has been.

Berzerk is a nice track paying homage to the old school hip-hop tune. But it does not fit the overall tone of the album. It , along with Rap God and Survival, represents the few commercial tracks that are meant to advertise the album. Then we have The Monster which is the second collaboration with Rihanna, is a solid effort but not as good as Love the Way You Lie. That said, it didn’t need to be. But it does do the work of a catchy track of two big names while holding a very subtle message of being “friends with the monster, that’s under my bed.” Another one featuring the lovely Skylar Grey shows the rapper reflecting on his impulsive nature during the peak of his career. Love Game is funny and features Kendrick Lamar who proves he has learnt his rhymes from Eminem.

And then there are tracks where he is all misogynist and homophobic. But that’s Eminem and he accepts ”the only women I love are my daughters.”

With the highest Metacritic ratings among all his albums, you need to listen to this storyteller who rhymes his verses into Hip Hop.


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