Sneak Peek: Aatmatrisha ’14

As most of us head off to hibernate for the winter, there are a bunch of PESITians who are feverishly working away. The reason – to bring Aatmatrisha ’14 to life! We have with us the brains behind AT ’14, event manager Shikhar Sanstuti (CSE) and cultural secretaries Poorna Suresh (EEE) and Maitreyee Sharma (Mech) to give us a slice of the action. 

 1) With an official app, AT ’14 already seems larger than life! You’ve captured people with a new dimension. Can you tell us a little about how this was conceived?

Well, the idea for the app was conceived long ago, in fact at the beginning of this semester itself. However, to execute it, we were still looking for avenues to do so. Luckily, as the Freshers’ Day neared, our app found a developer in the form of Tejas Dharamsi, who completed the app within a crazy deadline at an astonishing pace!

This app, however, as you mentioned, was meant to capture people with a new dimension. But, this app is a mere beginning in bringing the fest closer to its people – our people, with technology that we all have access to, and the ones which we can harness and make creative use of. 

2) What’s in store for the campus crowd in the coming weeks?

We certainly have a lot in store for the campus crowd in the coming weeks. Apart from involving a lot of people in the preparation of the fest, we will be engaging (almost) everyone with the pre-AT activities. We would love to share the details of the same with the readers, but hey, some things are better if kept secret for a while! After all, we all love surprises, don’t we?

3) We hear the winter break is when AT really shapes up. What is the team up to during this time?

Maitreyee: This is the time when the AatmaTrisha PR activities start taking preparatory shape in the form of street plays, flash mobs etc. The AatmaTrisha posters as well as certificates are designed.

Poorna: Well, the major work that actually happens over the span of our winter break is the marketing work. Our marketing team is already out there, working. With our practical exams drawing to a close, the rigorous work has just begun.

Shikhar: Also, this is the time when the AatmaTrisha website starts taking shape, the scheduling of events is discussed and finalized.

4) We’ve seen Greek, Superheroes & Retro in the last few years. What is the theme for AatmaTrisha ’14?

The theme this time is ‘Colours of India’ celebrating the myriad colours and flavours we encounter each day, each moment at our very own melting pot – PESIT.

5) What can we expect in AatmaTrisha ’14 that has never been seen before?

Well, a bit of word play here from our side. There is going to be something that people of PESIT may never have witnessed before or to be precise, “heard” before. We plan to have a 24×7 radio station dedicated to AatmaTrisha. There will be a team handling this aspect independently on the same lines as that of a real radio station, however, limited to PESIT campus.

So, there will be many people involved in this – positions filled in by students who will be the RJs, correspondents, technicians for Radio AT. This is asides from the regular involvement and volunteering of students across the regular domains which involves all the departments of the AT team, namely Technical, Literary, Cultural, Creative & Fine Arts, Informals, Design, Finance, Marketing, PR, Campaigning, Stage & Infra, Disciplinary Committee (DisCo) and Logistics. 

Our core objective, at the end of the day, remains to bring the fest within the reach and interest of every person on campus. After all, this is our fest, to showcase what great talent resides within the campus.

Éclat wishes the AT ’14 Team All the Best!!


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