Spark Your Mind This Winter

– By Yogesh Chellappa and Deborah Digges (Tech Team)

There are myriad educational workshops and fests for anyone who pursues engineering with a real passion. Here are a few:

1. Shaastra – IIT Madras TechFest

With its vision “Breaking Boundaries”, IIT Madras seems resolved to make this technical fest a grand success. With myriad events including aerobotics, design, coding, quizzes and not to mention workshops and conferences, it would be a real shame to miss it! To top it all off, the Lunar Rover Challenge gives participants a shot at sending their own rover to the moon and writing their names in the pages of history!

With some of the sharpest minds of the nation converging under one banner, one can expect to go back inspired.

Further details:

Dates: 4th-7th January 2014

Venue: IIT Madras

2. TechFest – Asia’s Largest Science and Technology Festival,IIT Bombay

Born in 1998 with the motto of promoting technology, scientific thinking and innovation, Techfest has surpassed 16 golden years of creating an unmatched aura of a science and technology spectacle year after year, at the campus of IIT Bombay at Powai, Mumbai.

This year will be no different. Here’s a chance to exhibit your ideas, compete with the top minds of the country and have a blast all at the same time.

Dates: 3rd-5th January,2014

Venue: IIT Bombay

Further details:

3. Aerotrix – CFD workshop and internship program

Here’s a great place to get some hands-on experience in computational fluid dynamics, by working on projects which will expose you to industrial practices and the latest trends in CFD.

The course is to cover a lot of the fundamentals of CFD as well as expose participants to case studies based on various industrial issues.

Dates: 18th-23rd January, 2014

Venue: AerotriX Center, Bangalore

Fee: 2990/- per participant

Further details:

4. Engineer Infinite 2014 Technical Events:

Engineer Infinite 2014 is an Engineering Project Competition focussed on the Electrical Energy Sector. Students are invited to create innovative solutions to problems in this sector. Abstracts will be evaluated and placed in Grant List. The selected teams will go ahead and build their model/prototype. Project Funding and Financial assistance to students will be provided for the Grant List projects.

Top Prize Rs. 2 lakhs. Other prizes Rs. 1 lakh (2) and Rs. 50,000 (3)

Further details:

5. Chemistry Meet 2014

All you chemistry geeks out there, here’s your chance to have some fun! St. Stephens’ College is to hold its annual Chemistry Meet soon and you won’t want to miss it.

It’s a great place to showcase your talents and have a bit of fun too!

A lot of interesting things are to happen such as Inter-college paper presentation, quizzes, treasure hunts and lectures by renowned scientists.

Date: January 10-12, 2014

Venue: St Stephens College, Delhi.

Further details:


For the research oriented, here’s a chance to rub shoulders with some of the best in the field.

The conference will feature plenary talks and invited papers by distinguished researchers and technologists from the academia and industry. The conference will focus on recent advances in the fields of Electronics, Computing and Communication.

Date: 6th and 7th Jan, 2014

Venue: IISc, Bangalore

Further details:


The ubiquitous influence of social networks is seen the world over. It lends itself naturally to techniques for modelling and optimizing networks. So also do other systems such as economic networks, transportation networks, wireless networks, and biological systems.

The workshop at IISc on Social networks has the following major themes:

(i) Online Social Networks Modelling and Optimization

(ii) Machine Learning: Principles and Applications

(iii) Mean-field Approximations

A wonderful opportunity to delve into the intricate details of the working of complex networks.

Date: 16th Jan,2014

Venue: IISc, Bangalore

Further Details:



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