Movie Review: Dhoom 3

– Submitted by Harshit P. D. (3rd Year, CSE)

The movies under Dhoom franchise have had a defined protocol written for them.

Phase 1: There is a robbery by the villain.

Phase 2: He is chased by cops, but he somehow manages to escape eventually.

Now, here is a movie that defies this protocol by completely avoiding phase 1, and still claims to be a part of the franchise. Now that’s D:3 for you! There is nothing much to take away from the movie though, apart from the fact that it trolls the very essence of physics in all the chase sequences of the movie.(Now c’mon!, how else will an Indian director innovate a bike chase without making the bike fly like a plane or glide like a boat on water? 😀 Besides, the character in question here is a “circus wala” So, in the name of entertainment, let’s just stop being a Sheldon Cooper and forgive the director for this crime). Neglecting that, it’s a very well made ‘emotional’ flick with a tinge of action clinging to it.

Aamir khan has done a great job in carrying this whole movie till the finish line single-handedly, on his own shoulders. It would be justifiably unfair to compare his role with that of Hrithik’s in D:2 because D:2 was all about style whereas D:3 is all about story and emotions(apparently not very ‘Dhoom’ly ). It fills in, as a substitute for the “heist” part that was present in the earlier movies of the franchise.

Having said that much about the story, I wouldn’t want to reveal the only twist in the plot which shall directly condemn the prestige of the movie, if I did so.

The director although, proves that he is considerably intelligent, by restricting Ms.Kaif to what she does best, dancing that is. The rest of the cast have done their routine jobs.

If only, this movie hadn’t come out with a ‘DHOOM’ in its title…it would have definitely been a flick worth of 4/5 stars. Unfortunately, it has been defined as yet another sequel in the existing franchise, to which the movie doesn’t belong in any way. This might eventually be the flick’s only disadvantage, in terms of the audience it attracts. It is for that small mistake of choosing the wrong title card for the movie, that this flick will receive a 3/5 stars.


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