How to Build a Website

– By Anurag Lingam & Pramodh K P (Tech Team)

Do you have a crazy desire to have your own website up on the internet, but don’t know how to build one? Don’t worry, you’re in my shoes. I have never made one before. Let’s see how to start!

The first step is to get yourself a domain.

“Get a what?”

A domain. This is what identifies your website correctly. A domain name is the URL that you enter in order to visit the website, e.g., “” is the domain for Google.

Let’s say, I want to register my website “The Lethargic Dog”, I’d go for the domain “”. The “.com” suggests that this domain is for a commercial website.

Well, there is more than 1 type of a domain. There is “.org” for a non-profit organization, “.mobi” for mobile compatible websites, and so on. (Check link in bibliography for an extensive list of domains)


 “Sounds too complicated! I want to do this while sitting on my couch at home!”

No sweat. It’s not the heaviest hammer to lift. The simplest way would be to register your domain using an online service. There are plenty of such services.

A domain to help others register their domains? Neat!

Here is an elaborate procedure if you are still clueless:

1) Open your browser.

2) Go to “”.

3) Type these words: “teach me how to use Google search”. Make sure you don’t commit spelling mistakes on your way.

Jokes apart, a quick web search will give you a list of websites that offer you your custom domains for a price. Take your time to survey the one that best serves your needs.

“But I don’t want to spend any money!”

Do not worry, my friend. The friendly online services are at our disposal yet again.

There are many websites that offer you a limited or a trial website as a part of their domain completely free of cost! (Please note that they are not providing you with a new domain. They’re only providing you a little space to store files on their server and a website name for you on their domain. Getting your own domain still costs you money!)

Not only will they offer you your website name, but they will also provide you with free tools to help you build your website! Alright, then let’s get to it!

For this example I will choose to use to get a free website. Webs provides the user a limited space on their server.

So now, my domain name would now be

dog tld

Congratulations! You now have your own website! (Please note that I do not endorse in any way!)

“But, what do I do with this website?”

It’s up to you to decide! Since I like sketching and gaming (I can do these while sitting on the couch), I would devote the website to posting stuff that relates to sketching and gaming.

There are many aspects to making a website more appealing to the viewers.

The most important aspects in my books are:

Design: A good design does not necessarily just involve cool graphics and wallpapers on the website. In my opinion, the ease of access, visual appeal, appropriate alignments and sizing, all add up to a good design.

Content: Your website should be filled with information updated on a regular basis. One would not like to come to an amusement park with just a few rides in it.

Relevance: Not only is it important to post content, it is also of utmost importance to stick to the topic and make a point. How awkward and uncomfortable would it be for you right now if I suddenly start talking about the recipe of a chocolate truffle cake and how Miley Cyrus came in like a wrecking ball?

Functionality: Every time you make a change to the design, you invite possibilities of bugs. Make sure that you do not have any, and all the interactive media on your website is doing what it should be doing. One would definitely be annoyed to find out that the video he/she was trying to play for the past 15 minutes never buffered, because the play button never worked.



Humour: A little humour on an informal website always satisfies the readers. That doesn’t mean that you need to stuff jokes into your article, forcing the readers to read them, even though they don’t want to. Use wit and subtle humour and return to the point quickly.

“Okay, my website is complete and it looks great! But how will people know about it?”

Well, you could just give your friends the link to your website and tell them to visit it. But if you are looking for a more wider audience, you can always visit different community forums and leave a link to your website. Remember though, too much spamming and you could get banned. Try to be subtle while promoting your website.

“But, it’s tedious to keep promoting my website every time. Isn’t there any other way to get visitors to my website?”

Well, there is.  Search engines! Once you start promoting your website on various forums by leaving links, spiders (the thing that searches the web for new links) crawl your website and index it into their database. Next time onwards, they will begin crawling your website too for new content. The more regular you are, the more often spiders crawl your website.

Once you have content that attracts your niche audience, the content that people actually want and look for, you start generating traffic to your website. You can also add various options to let your visitors subscribe to your website, so that they keep returning to your website. That’s how you start creating a community of your own, around your website!

“Pssst. Can you help me cheat and make it look popular?”
Yes! You can certainly make it look popular by using bots to increase your page views! But unfortunately, they didn’t make a cheat code to increase actual popularity. There is no way to gain popularity without actually working towards it while analyzing the situation regularly.

Fortunately for the people who are serious about their page statistics, Google analytics has a solution. Google analytics is a tool to monitor your website traffic and traffic sources and provides a comprehensive report of it. Since registration, Google analytics will track the following counters:
1) Clicks: The number of times an advertisement to your website was clicked.

2) Visits: The number of individual sessions by various individuals.

3) Visitors: How many individuals viewed the website.

Check out the link at the end of the article for more details.

“It’s done! I have finally made my website!”

Congratulations! If you followed all the steps, you have your own website like I do now!

Check mine out!

You should go berserk on advertizing your page! I’ll do it while I’m still on my couch.

Some links:

Extensive list of domains:

Google analytics:


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