BUS NO. 410

– By Akash S Vakil (TCE, 2nd Year)

Strapping my shoes, I make my move

towards my crowded bus stop.

My eyes are strained; neck is in pain,

looking out for a bus numbered 410.

And there it comes, bursting with pride,

halting somewhere in the middle; rather by the side.

And all of a sudden, hundreds, seem to be cramming into it.

Only then do I realize that I have lost my seat.

I look around for company, lest I should travel alone,

I see none and pop on my headphones.

The man in khaki discovers a ticket-less person,

both abuse each other, while the bus gobbles away the fun.

And then hops in a girl with pretty eyes,

but alas, my destination arrives!

I am forced out of the bus by the rushing crowd;

she hops out and joins her male friend waiting there,

as I watch them, clean bowled!

But the journey never ends here;

as the evening offers a soothing atmosphere.

After a tiring day, I lean on the window, dreaming deep,

cause I have miles to travel, after I fall asleep!


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