Aspects required in the Ambassador of the Nation! – By Yashas BVN (1st Year, ECE)

They say “After every sad day comes a glad day”. We also know that “There are exceptions in everything”. Now that the Lok Sabha elections are on the cards we, the People of India, have got some serious work to do. You may be wondering how the two quotations and the elections are related!

The serious work that we have in our hands is the future of the nation! This is something which should not be taken lightly as this is what is going to decide whether the country will move forward to the next decade or it’ll stay in this decade itself.

Coming to the point, What is it that we need in our next Prime Minister that will bring a change to the nation? And of course, a positive one! Here are a few points that we Indians might feel would make a perfect leader:

1. Once he is chosen, he should follow the manifesto! Before all that, we must vote for the one we think might do at least a 50 percent of what he has promised!
2. His governance must be strong! If it is he who is the PM, there should not be anyone else in his party who can boss over him! After all, he represents the nation as a whole!
3. He must make it a point to take opinions from the citizens of the country by enabling a system which reaches all classes of the public and not just the aristocrats!
4. He must be the one man the country has never seen, and will never see in the future!
5. He must be the one who wouldn’t mind sacrificing anything for his people, no matter what it is, and when it is required.
6. He must be the one who would think out of the box irrespective of what effect it will have on the nation, unless it is a negative one!
7. There should be no mercy shown to people who have violated rules and have gone against the nation’s policies.
8. He must, most importantly, know that people have kept faith in him and he must respect their faith!
9. He must make sure that his cabinet of ministers are all following his ideas and not trying to be selfish.
10.If a party that is ruling a particular state is the centre’s opposition, the PM must not mind lending help to that particular government as they too play an important role in developing the nation!

These points are just a few of those that any citizen of the nation would expect from an ideal leader! So, to make our tomorrow glad and to remove all those exceptions, we must be smart enough to take the right decision NOW!
Jai Hind!


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