Lead India – By Tosh Kothari (2nd Year, EEE)

With the elections so close, its high time we start airing our opinion about the road our nation is going to take towards prosperity. Unarguably the driving force to a nation’s success is the government, the leader.

With that our first concern is to elect a leader who can lead us through the toughest of times and prove himself worthy of the responsibility provided to him. It is not a one man’s job to change the scenario. But it definitely is a step to a better life, a better nation. Instead of talking about the things that are wrong and messed up, we youngsters should take up the task of improvising the situation. Each one of us has his/her own notion of development and success. Our decisions are biased by our own needs. Up to an extent this is correct. But to change the bigger picture there is more we ought to think and do. A leader should most importantly be considering the opinions of every section of the society, as a large number of sections exist. A decision made, might favor a particular section more than the other, but it should keep everyone happy. Looking at the current situation we need a leader who can take BOLD decision. With china and other countries intervening in our nation’s affairs, its high time we take the fight back to them. Diplomacy is indeed the right step to progress, but when it comes to the pride and respect of the nation, stringent steps have to be taken. After repeated warnings and admonitions, china’s expansion interests have not ceased. They are continuously trying to break in and capture territories in the east. We need a leader who can put up a good resistance to these activities. Moving on to other important issues like poverty, education and unemployment, a government which can work together with other parties and organizations to normalize the situation is needed. We need leaders who can understand the roots of all problems and who have done a serious amount of work for the betterment of people who have been under the hammer. They have to come up with policies that can flip the situation and change the lives of the majority of our population. A lot has been said and discussed about the aforementioned issues. So we just need a leader who can do everything possible in his regime to create more opportunities and produce better citizens. Another issue which needs our attention is the issue of reservation. Reservation, when introduced was not intended to affect the country in a way it is doing now. Rich and under deserving people from lower castes are getting seats in big colleges despite not being capable. As a student, I expect my leader to reduce the reservation quota and allow more deserving people to get better facilities.

So putting everything in a nut shell, we need a leader who is quick, responsive, dynamic, tactical and can represent the country as a great and graceful person. “Those who want to reap the benefits of this great nation must bear the fatigue of supporting it”.


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