Leader of India – From the eye of a frustrated common man – By Aishwarya B R (2nd Year, CSE)

One look around, and all one can see today is corruption, discrimination, reservation, poor health conditions, lack of security,price rice and so on.. Yet, one manages to blabber about such important issues in today’s scenario to people around, showing off his ”concern” for the country’s development, but not actually working towards bringing about the same, and the country continues to suffer!

One moment of retrospection here.. Our country is ruled currently, by an amalgam of illiterate, self-centred individuals, whose lives revolve around the money they loot from innocent civilians who toil hard to earn barely enough to survive! On being questioned, the first set of words that come out of them are either blaming another political party for the scenario, or somehow linking it to secularism/communalism!

Now, having heard of innumerable scams and thousands of instances of security breaches that have happened in the recent past, India is in need of good governance in the truest sense.

India needs a ruler that is in himself a personality so eminent and charismatic, that the entire world would look upto him. The abilities of the ruler must reflect from his achievements in the past and not blind, fake promises of development made by one who has no experience working selflessly for the people(Like a Kannada saying goes,’ballavane ballavanu bellada ruchiya’, only a person who has eaten a dish, knows its taste!).

Our country is in need of growth in every sector of finance, agriculture, education, information technology to name a few, and a leader who is educated enough to understand the importance of these sectors and hence has in him, the capability to bring about a transformation in the country favouring the steady expansion and growth of these sectors is the need of the hour!

Women security and empowerment can be brought about by a person who emanates respect to women in every walk of his life, and one who works in the direction of emancipation of women. Children need better schooling and value-based education.The condition of education in India needs a thorough transformation which is one of the basic necessities of each individual.

The issues and problems faced by the poor and under-privileged can be understood by a leader who knows such a life well.
The famous Vidura, political advisor of Dhritarasthra in Mahabharata, says,
‘Just like a bee wanders around a flower restlessly and sucks out nectar to prepare honey, a wise ruler should constantly pay heed to the problems of people and try to make their lives better(and sweeter) by the day’.

Quite importantly, it is essential that India as one,votes. The evident fact about the upcoming elections is, it is essential that people think a hundred times, before they vote. There is always a thin line between being vocal and being practical, that people need to understand.

Like a popular saying in Sanskrit,
‘Vaagaadhambaravaan Loke Na Kinchit Praptumarhati’
A person who blatantly talks about aspects, does not deserve to be paid heed to!

Vote, and vote carefully!


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