Winds of Change – By Savitha S (2nd Year, CSE)

The plummeting rupee cries out loud for an uplift; The prices soar up the sky faster than the space shuttles; The youth wander the streets, with a bare glimmer of hope in their eyes, for a job; Poverty is rapidly spreading its wretched arms and engulfing people to its perpetual state of melancholy. India, carrying 1.2 billion people on her aching back and reminiscing her glorious past, is trying to inch towards progress, only to be met with these insurmountable obstacles.

It has been over 60 years post Independence and yet, India remains one of the developing countries in the world, mainly because, the nation has failed to produce an able leader who can tackle the problems of the nation selflessly. The unscrupulous and venal leaders care for their personal wealth growth and not of that of the Nation’s. They grab every opportunity, like the tentacles grabbing its prey, to stealthily fill their pockets, without even the slightest regard for the hours of sweat and toil of the taxpayer.
India, once a prosperous economy during the leadership of competent rulers, now reels under a weak, tainted government. As the General Elections approach, it is now time to see the winds of change. To see a leader who can transform the nation to what it was earlier. A leader, who can rise above the petty caste, creed and colour issues and bind the entire nation with unwavering patriotism. A leader, who can pluck out the luxuriously grown weeds of corruption from its roots and provide good governance.

The leader of India must have an exemplary vision, meticulous pre-planning to tackle the innumerable problems faced by the nation and continue the work with the same zeal as promised, for John Maxwell once rightly said, “A leader is one who knows the way, shows the way and goes the way.” A one man army cannot conquer the world; he needs an equally spirited and capable team to accomplish his vision.

We all dream about a developed and better India. The only way to turn these dreams into reality is to bring the right leader to power for it is well known that, “The pessimist adjusts the wind. The optimist expects it to change. The leader adjusts the sails. “


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