Indian leader – One in and for a billion people – By Apoorav Gupta (2nd Year, CSE)

 “When leaders fail to lead, people take charge and leaders then have to follow” – Kofi Annan, former UN Secretary General.

This is becoming prevalent with the common man protesting on the streets, holding rallies and joining politics, which was not a common sight just after independence.

Leaders in the pre-independence era sacrificed their comfortable life to fight and die for the country, as they were truly patriotic and honest. Today, we can hardly think of any leader like them. Politics is now considered to be a dirty game. Today, politicians are there in politics only for personal agenda, grabbing money, power and fame, or just because they feel that they have inherited leadership skills from their famous ancestors. Corruption, scams,criminalisation, making ridiculous statements and passing on the blame to others have become so common that they no longer fit under ‘Breaking News’ category.

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India 2014! – By Anusha Hegde (2nd Year,ISE)

Nearly 179 years back, on 2nd Feb 1835 Lord Macaulay while addressing the British parliament said that during his travels across the length and breadth of the country he did not find a single beggar in this country and that the people were of high moral values. From that day, we have indeed come a long way. The moral fabric of ancient India was torpedoed with the materialistic onslaught of the western civilisation and as a result, a corrupt, impoverished, malnourished and illiterate nation beckoned at us and has been left crying for change and salvation.
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Leaders We Deserve to Choose – By Pulkit Chandra (1st Year, EEE)

 “The Great Indian Voting Festival” is just a few months away. And we are braced up for the inevitable slip of topics into the “Indian Politics”. It is a fact that we have stopped caring for the leaders who represent us or our law makers. We are fed up of their scandals and their whole affair of allegations and branding and vote banking. But that is just a thing better said than realized for we are the ones who get to choose yet we consider ignorance as the best option. Continue reading

Review of ‘The Bartimaeus Trilogy’

– By Meghana Mavathur (2nd Year, Civil)

The Bartimaeus trilogy is a fantasy series written by Jonathan Stroud, comprising of 3 books published in series from 2003 to 2005. A prequel was written for the series in 2010.

The series follows the journey of 3 major characters and narrates the story through their perspective. The first of these characters is the namesake of the series, Bartimaeus himself. Bartimaeus is a djinni of middle-ranking power, whose scalding sarcasm and rapier wit make this series a must read. One of the most exquisitely created characters in recent times, he blurs the lines between humour and pathos and keeps the reader enthralled right through the series. It helps that he’s over 5,000 years old and all those years of experience contribute to his sheer sense of snobbishness and self-appreciation. These lines aptly give us an idea of his character, his vice, virtue, hamartia, hubris and starkly scanty humility. 
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Young or Old – What Indians Want – By Shashwath. S. Bharadwaj (1st Year, CSE)

Being an idealist comes with its own share of disadvantages- the major one being the degree of practicality in the times he lives in. And when we talk of the leaders of the nation, we need to be as practical as one could possibly be. So, what would I as a reasonable,practical Indian want from my leader? I don’t expect him/her to be a fairy with a wand turning things around in the blink of eye. Continue reading

My Indian Hero – By Nirmal Hegde (1st Year, ECE)

As the 2014 elections grow nigh, people are looking forward to rise of new competent leaders. Over the past 67 years of independence, people have grown weary of a lethargic, non-responsive and an orthodox government. They have been deprived of their rights time and again in the name of secularism, equality and development. The injustice forced upon the common man calls for better leadership. Here are a few of my thoughts on an ideal leader.
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