Leaders We Deserve to Choose – By Pulkit Chandra (1st Year, EEE)

 “The Great Indian Voting Festival” is just a few months away. And we are braced up for the inevitable slip of topics into the “Indian Politics”. It is a fact that we have stopped caring for the leaders who represent us or our law makers. We are fed up of their scandals and their whole affair of allegations and branding and vote banking. But that is just a thing better said than realized for we are the ones who get to choose yet we consider ignorance as the best option. As a matter of fact, our bleeped up brain has to take decisions which are more instinctive than justified and even a clear understanding of the choices does not help. For those who belong to the economically backward class, a good leader zeroes in to the middle-men who are into the habit of cutting a major stake into their hard earned dough, for those well off people like us who are more of intellectual fellows than practical, a good leader takes India to the heights in the statistical figures of Human Resource Development, Per Capita Income, Happiness Index, Crime Rates etc., a rather average middle class citizen has more to do with lower Inflation Rates and a crime free society.  There is NDA, there is UPA, there is this major opposition in the Parliament the Left and there we see rising on the horizon the vote-cutter AAP_ as choices. But political terms aside, of all the leaders and all their manifestos and visions we stand at our own risk of choosing the right one from all of them. A dynamic and visionary leader, a man of action, a man with no prejudices against anyone – the utopian choice for people’s representative (the unambiguous term in a Democracy). But that will just be a utopia though it is much needed. A leader of my choice stands out in the first basic trait of a politician: speech. India could really use a good speaker one who doesn’t brag about himself but holds the power of inception of ideas of righteousness, patriotism and inspiration to go on and shine.  A leader whom I see on the helms of this great nation is a master planner, who uses his management skills to materialize the promises and policies. A someone, who feels the drawback a normal person faces in lieu of absence of facilities which require the big people in the biz to take big steps (though I agree with Mother Teresa : “to see the big changes in the world you need to make small efforts on your own side”). A leader is, non-technically speaking, a diplomat who in this dog-eat-dog world can assess the situation he lies in and act offensive and defensive accordingly, because when utopia is far from being realized then the reality is too real to overlook the dark elements.A leader is unprejudiced and more compliant to every sect of the society but is modern enough to step above the conservative backlogs. A leader which India needs is one who can save India some of its precious time and resources from the claws of divisions based on caste, creed, religion and gender.  My visions for a leader may be too unrealistic, a bit too ideal, but hope for the best and you may end up compromising to the second best.


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