My Indian Hero – By Nirmal Hegde (1st Year, ECE)

As the 2014 elections grow nigh, people are looking forward to rise of new competent leaders. Over the past 67 years of independence, people have grown weary of a lethargic, non-responsive and an orthodox government. They have been deprived of their rights time and again in the name of secularism, equality and development. The injustice forced upon the common man calls for better leadership. Here are a few of my thoughts on an ideal leader.

India is known for its ability to produce world class doctors and engineers. But in the modern day and age, our society too needs to be healed and re-engineered. The orthodox ways of the government must be cast aside and our leaders need to step up and become “SOCIAL ENGINEERS”. They need innovative ways of developing the nation without losing the essence of our culture and way of life. A simple example would be: We are taught at a very young age, the works of Shakespeare and made to memorise poems of Keats. Instead, we could teach our kids the morals of our epics, Upanishads and faiths so that they inculcate a deep sense of respect and pride towards the country and work for its progress. Similar growth stimulating environments must be created in various sectors to build a competitor noteworthy on the global front.

The second quality a leader must possess is to leave nothing undone. Leaders of the past have left good projects half-done, to take up another and the cycle continued, ultimately giving nothing to the people. We see such things in our daily life. For example, roads are dug for repairs and the workers are sent to tend to other projects leaving the road damaged for months. Ironically, the government meanwhile releases new models of buses. The question remains, of what use are buses for if there are no proper roads?

History has taught us that successful leaders always use their resources best. The resource of India is its youth. But tragically, a vast majority of our youth is either unemployed or underemployed. A leader must take care to see that every youth gets his/her worth reward. The leader must create new employment opportunities, which is possible only by bringing in more growth oriented projects. People must be made educated and self-dependent enough to earn their own bread. The skilled youth is our best resource and must not be squandered.

A leader is one among many equals who represents the people. The voices and woes of the people must be heard by the leader who must be their benefactor. He must accept things the way they are and work for the larger, grander scheme of things. Only then is it possible to truly achieve progress.

With all these said one can only hope good leaders come to power in the 2014 elections.  


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