Young or Old – What Indians Want – By Shashwath. S. Bharadwaj (1st Year, CSE)

Being an idealist comes with its own share of disadvantages- the major one being the degree of practicality in the times he lives in. And when we talk of the leaders of the nation, we need to be as practical as one could possibly be. So, what would I as a reasonable,practical Indian want from my leader? I don’t expect him/her to be a fairy with a wand turning things around in the blink of eye. A leader is defined by the vision, the dream he possesses and personifies.Then again, too many orators in India, one every street on an average. A leader is also the one who is not only willing to work but also inspires others to do their bit better. For me, a true and successful leader is the one who makes his followers feel empowered, not the one who wishes to enjoy the power himself: the one who can make visionaries out of thinkers, realities out of dreams, ambition out of hope and desire out of helplessness. I would, in the India of today, be extremely happy with a leader willing to work for the people and the best interests of the country with a vision of the nation in mind. Of course, it goes without saying that he should be vaccinated against corruption or greed. A leader is one who inspires his people to realise their potential to the fullest, push themselves to their limits, dream beyond imagination and hope without fear. And oh yes, I wouldn’t mind it if ,in the process he made some money for himself. I dont expect his tummy to be full with just emotions and well wishes. A leader of this kind is perhaps too much to ask for given that all of us are accustomed to lesser individuals at the helm, but if I as an eighteen year old think it is impossible to find/make such a person, then who will? More Anna Hazare’s? And how many of them? Time to get down to the streets, get our hands dirty and be the kind of leader ourselves if we don’t find one. Vote for a responsible India!- NOTA applied


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