Nayaka- the true Indian leader – By Akash S Vakil (2nd Year, TE)

My country sees the best and worst of situations almost every day. The country which worships the female gods also abuses its female population. Although there seems to be significant success in technology and research on one side, but there are slum dwellers trying to make a living on the other side. We as a nation not only win the gold medals, but also bump into terror attacks every now and then.

Amidst these two faces of India, there is a tremendous requirement of a nayaka- a true Indian leader. we need a man/woman one who safeguards the honour of the daughters of the motherland and eventually the motherland itself, one who doesn’t give up performing his/her duties after a period of time, one who doesn’t just travel across the country making false promises, one who doesn’t accept money over or under the desk, one who doesn’t just get away with diplomatic answers, one who doesn’t…..this list is endless.

This nayaka should possess the quality of making quick decision and to even turn those decision into swift action. Once in charge, he will definitely face criticisms, insults, danger to his life and interests, and maybe even bitter defeats. He must thus know how to rise up after falling, prove that he is a true fighter, a true nayaka.

He sees the equality in the high and the low, the rich, middle-class and the poor, the man and the woman, the Hindu and the Muslim. The country has always witnessed these clashes and blood baths. The nayaka must know how to keep peace and maintain it. India was once called the sone ki chidiya or the golden sparrow. The nayaka must restore that status.

Even today there are millions of talented gems hidden away in this country, their talents and passions going unnoticed. Hence, he must also be a good patron of art, education, culture and India’s rich heritage. He must know to lend financially help to many of the unsung heroes and not let their sacrifices and good deeds go down the drain.

The nayaka must be aware of what he is doing all the time, the consequences and the would be results. He must know that his decision changes the life of more than hundred crores of people. Like any other citizen of India he must know that he may have to make ultimate sacrifices when the time comes and hence prove that he is a real soldier, a true nayaka.


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