BUS NO. 410

– By Akash S Vakil (TCE, 2nd Year)

Strapping my shoes, I make my move

towards my crowded bus stop.

My eyes are strained; neck is in pain,

looking out for a bus numbered 410.

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Baking: The Sheer Joys of Batter Licking

– By Sramana Dan (Informals Team) 

Let’s be honest, most of us, all of us, live to eat. Even my most determined girlfriends, swearing on a papayas-only diet, you take a look at that fluffy,gorgeous brownie, that silky fondant adorning it, and you have to have it. BROWNIE COME BACK HERE. There. I think I’ve made my point. Cake spreads the lurve like nothing else. Stick around pi-r-cube during lunch and you’ll see half a dozen groups of big and small people, screaming orgasmically and throwing cake onto each others faces, hair, nostrils, you get the picture.( I am strongly against this. Happy Birthday to you. Got any cake left? Some of us like to eat it too).

So why wait for birthdays for a bite of paradise? Here I give you fun new hobby : BAKING!

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Under the Sea

– By Yogesh Chellappa (CSE, 3rd Year)

I sank beneath the surface, my scream of terror choked off by the frothing, gushing water. Twisting and turning about in panic, I could sense other indistinct beings in my vicinity but the murky gloom clouded my vision. The rage of the water muffled my yells and I quickly shut my mouth, lest I be forced to expel what little breath I had. I tried lunging back towards the light fast fading above and only succeeded in flipping about on my back.

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Princess of the Gilded Castle

– By Sramana Dan (Informals Team)

 She opened her little box

Of trinkets red, blue and green

She prodded them adoringly once

As if to make sure they weren’t excerpts of a daydream

Then her eyes danced mischievously

Her little girl eyes

Her pretty girl eyes

She opened her box for pleasure

At the sight of her long coveted treasures

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– Submitted by Nikhil Baliga (ECE, Batch of 2009)

My head was feeling heavier and lighter alternately. I could feel myself letting go as I relaxed in my easy-chair. I imagined that this was the kind of headiness that was experienced by those who consumed liquor. I tried to open my eyes but could barely get my eyelids to separate. When I did manage to squeeze some sight through a narrow slit between my eyelids, all that I could see was some white light. I let out a soft groan.

“Are you in a condition to speak?” said a dignified voice. “Yes, I am just finding it a little hard to stay conscious” I replied. “That’s good. A semi-conscious state seldom exercises restraint. When the inhibition centre shuts down, the invisible iron curtain crumbles and like water escaping through the breach in a dam, all your thoughts will come gushing out. I believe we can have a meaningful session today. Indeed, I do” came the reply.

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