Bengaluru FC: All You Need to Know

Guess who is the latest entrant in the I-League this year?  It’s none other than the team from ‘Namma Bengaluru’, Bengaluru FC.

This is for all you people who follow football but who have no clue about the I-League and its newborn team.

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Impact of the Influx of Foreign Players in the BPL

The Barclays Premier League as we all know is the most widely followed football league across the world. It is famous for its competitive and exciting football played by the 20 different teams that take part in it every year. Over the last decade or two the quality of football in the league has no doubt improved but also made it stand out amongst other top leagues for its nail-biting finishes. The premier league enjoys worldwide popularity from viewers of all age groups, thus making it the one of the best football league in the world.

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