Young or Old – What Indians Want – By Shashwath. S. Bharadwaj (1st Year, CSE)

Being an idealist comes with its own share of disadvantages- the major one being the degree of practicality in the times he lives in. And when we talk of the leaders of the nation, we need to be as practical as one could possibly be. So, what would I as a reasonable,practical Indian want from my leader? I don’t expect him/her to be a fairy with a wand turning things around in the blink of eye. Continue reading


My Indian Hero – By Nirmal Hegde (1st Year, ECE)

As the 2014 elections grow nigh, people are looking forward to rise of new competent leaders. Over the past 67 years of independence, people have grown weary of a lethargic, non-responsive and an orthodox government. They have been deprived of their rights time and again in the name of secularism, equality and development. The injustice forced upon the common man calls for better leadership. Here are a few of my thoughts on an ideal leader.
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MY LEADER STRONGEST – By Sudhanva Shetty (1st Year, Civil)

Six blissfully hellish decades and here we are at the threshold of yet another ‘watershed’ in Indian history – the 16th General Election. What makes it so special? That the Grand Old Party of the Grand Old Family could be routed by a right-wing nationalist party led by a man variously hailed as a gamechanger, demigod, murderer and fanatic? Or that the unexpected rise and rise of a populist third party can change the rules of the game? Or because over a billion of humanity will turn up to vote in democracy’s biggest warm-up?

2014 will be the first time I’ll vote. So, practically, it’ll be my first year as a citizen. As will it be for 100 million others. So what does the billion-strong electorate want?

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Leaders of our Nation – By Sohan U Bhat (1st Year, MECH)

Whenever and wherever human beings are gathered together in large numbers, they need leadership. Even children need their school prefects and captains. The Armies need Generals. Civilians need governments as well. Whether in the school-room, or on the battlefield or in governmental deliberations, people who are natural leaders and who are chosen to lead, always have the same qualities of character and outlook.

A leader, in any sphere, must be someone who can be looked up to and respected. His personal judgement must be trusted and he must be able to evoke love from those he leads. So the, the first quality of a leader is that he must have the ability to win over men’s hearts.

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Leader of India – From the eye of a frustrated common man – By Aishwarya B R (2nd Year, CSE)

One look around, and all one can see today is corruption, discrimination, reservation, poor health conditions, lack of security,price rice and so on.. Yet, one manages to blabber about such important issues in today’s scenario to people around, showing off his ”concern” for the country’s development, but not actually working towards bringing about the same, and the country continues to suffer!

One moment of retrospection here.. Our country is ruled currently, by an amalgam of illiterate, self-centred individuals, whose lives revolve around the money they loot from innocent civilians who toil hard to earn barely enough to survive! On being questioned, the first set of words that come out of them are either blaming another political party for the scenario, or somehow linking it to secularism/communalism!
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Winds of Change – By Savitha S (2nd Year, CSE)

The plummeting rupee cries out loud for an uplift; The prices soar up the sky faster than the space shuttles; The youth wander the streets, with a bare glimmer of hope in their eyes, for a job; Poverty is rapidly spreading its wretched arms and engulfing people to its perpetual state of melancholy. India, carrying 1.2 billion people on her aching back and reminiscing her glorious past, is trying to inch towards progress, only to be met with these insurmountable obstacles.

It has been over 60 years post Independence and yet, India remains one of the developing countries in the world, mainly because, the nation has failed to produce an able leader who can tackle the problems of the nation selflessly. The unscrupulous and venal leaders care for their personal wealth growth and not of that of the Nation’s. Continue reading

Lead India – By Tosh Kothari (2nd Year, EEE)

With the elections so close, its high time we start airing our opinion about the road our nation is going to take towards prosperity. Unarguably the driving force to a nation’s success is the government, the leader.

With that our first concern is to elect a leader who can lead us through the toughest of times and prove himself worthy of the responsibility provided to him. It is not a one man’s job to change the scenario. But it definitely is a step to a better life, a better nation. Instead of talking about the things that are wrong and messed up, we youngsters should take up the task of improvising the situation. Each one of us has his/her own notion of development and success. Our decisions are biased by our own needs. Continue reading